Eva Donckers

based in Antwerp

selected exhibitions:
// Tique gallery (solo), MHKA museum, Het Nutshuis, Fosbury and sons, Fameus, Recyclart, C12, Plan B Bekegem, Kreativni Krk, Het Gouvernement (solo), A-tower, 30CC Kapel Romaanse Poort, Koningin Fabiolazaal Antwerp, Collectiv National / Chambre National, Botanique, Atelier DOP, Wintertuin KASKA, ...

selected publications:
// Metropolis M, Klara, Roberto Bolaño Antwerpen, GUP magazine, The Word magazine, Der Greif magazine, Der Greif artist blog Heikki Humberg, l'Héliotrope, VICE Belgium, Oogst magazine, Tique art paper six questions, D!NG magazine, ...

selected clients:
// De Standaard magazine, Tmagazine, MHKA, M museum, Harrods magazine, Regain magazine, Canon, HART magazine, LetitgoMGMT, Graanmarkt 13, Weltkunst, The Word magazine, Natan, Noah MGMT, Knack magazine, RiRa Objects, ...



for inquiries:
// info.evadonckers@gmail.com

// instagram @evadonckers

// represented by Initials.la


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